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 Why we love what we do

Rider owned and operated since the beginning, we started making boards back in 2009 simply from pure enjoyment of the process, materials and love of skateboarding as a whole.  All boards and garments are designed, manufactured and screen printed in house, using the finest materials and processes available.


Our Skateboards are made in New Hampshire from premium Canadian maple veneers combined with the best glue available on the market.  Our manufacturing process is the direct result of extensive trial and error. We engineered and fabricated our own board press in order to ensure quality and consistency.  We strive to stay as environmentally friendly as possible, we only use water based inks and waterborne clear coatings.  Our unique handcraft methods, production process, and personal testing of all products has resulted in a skateboard that is guaranteed to last longer than anything else.

Since making money has never been our main concern, almost all profit is put straight back into improving the product, and further developing what we do. We've always aimed to offer a quality grassroots alternative in today's corporate based industry. 

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